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Defying Adversity - Inside Hamar Weyne Fish Market in the Heart of Mogadishu, Somalia
The Hamar Weyne Fish Market in Mogadishu is the busiest and one of the most important fish market in the city. Its prime location, just a few meters from the old port, make it a hub for the sale and distribution of fish throughout the whole of Somalia. The market is a vibrant and bustling place and a vital source of employment and economic activity in the city. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), it is estimated that around 25,500 fishermen, including temporary fishermen, work in Somalia's fishing industry, and many of them rely on the Hamar Weyne Fish Market to sell their catch. Despite its importance as a source of livelihood, the fishing industry in Somalia has not reached its full potential. It accounts for only 1-2% of Somalia's GDP and 3% of its exports, partly due to the ongoing civil war and a lack of investment in the sector. The Hamar Weyne Fish Market’s ongoing success is a testament to the resilience and determination of the people of Mogadishu, who have managed to keep the market running despite the many obstacles they face.
Music: “Tortured by Doubt” composed and played by Othon @OthonPanMuzik ©Tariq Zaidi Photography. All Rights Reserved.