Selected Interview Features...

BRITISH JOURNAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY  Tariq Zaidi On El Salvador’s Gang Crisis

DEUTSCHE WELLE TV Congo’s Sapeurs Resist Colonialism Through Fashion

VOGUE Tariq Zaidi, Explores Self-Expression Through Fashion, Style and Art in The Streets of Kinshasa and Brazzaville

PETA PIXEL  Photographer Captures the Brutality of The Ms-13 Gang In El Salvador

GUARDIAN  Bloodshed and Resilience in a Mogadishu Fish Market

LENS CULTURE Searching For an Authentic Picture of The World’s Most Mysterious Country: North Korea


HEAD ON PHOTO FESTIVAL  What’s In Tariq Zaidi’s Camera Bag

DAS ERSTE / TTT GERMAN TV  Tariq Zaidi's Soulful Photos of The Sapeurs in Congo

SYDNEY MORNING HERALD  Strutting With La Sape: Tariq Zaidi Captures the Extraordinary

NOVA TV The World of Photos: Through the Lens of Tariq Zaidi

MARTIN PARR FOUNDATION  Tariq Zaidi Discusses New Work Exploring Self-expression through Fashion, Style and Art on the Streets of Kinshasa and Brazzaville, Congo


HINDUSTAN TIMES  The Story of Tariq Zaidi’s Pursuit of a Fashion Subculture

VICE  Tariq Zaidi's Striking Images Tell the Story of the Last Jews in the Former Soviet Country

SMITHSONIAN MAGAZINE  Photographer Journeyed into North Korea to Catch a Glimpse of a Country Under a Dictatorship

PHOBLOGRAPHER  Tariq Zaidi Lets Us in On the Stylish Circle of The Brazzaville “Sapeurs”

WHY NOW MAGAZINE  Tariq Zaidi Has Spent a Large Part of His Career Covering the Gang Violence in What Was Once the Murder Capital of The World: El Salvador

CNN  Journey To Lalibela, Ethiopia's New Jerusalem

RFI- Award Winning British Photographer Shows How El Salvador Became Dystopian

ALL ABOUT PHOTO  Exclusive Interview with Tariq Zaidi

FRAMES MAGAZINE  Tariq Zaidi: A Way of Being in The World

NDR GERMAN TV  Sapeurs Ladies and Gentlemen of The Congo

PUBLICO  Tariq Zaidi Photographed The “Dystopian” And Ultraviolent Reality Of El Salvador

FEATURE SHOOT  Mundari Tribe and Their Precious Cattle. South Sudan

DIGITALIS FOTO  Faces Of the World

BLIND MAGAZINE  A Poignant Portrait of a Nation Gripped by Gang Violence


GQ MEXICO / GQ LATAM  In The Eye of The Storm

BE ART MAGAZINE  Interview: All About Photo’s Winner: Tariq Zaidi

THE FRANKFURTER  Subculture Of Joy

AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHER Tariq Zaidi On Congo Couture

SHARJAH 24   Tariq Zaidi, Sapeurs: Ladies and Gentlemen of The Congo

MI CAMARA STYLE  We Met Tariq Zaidi, A Photographer Who Travels the World, And We Talked About His Work

P3 MAGAZINE  Sapeurs: Congo's Dandies Face Poverty with A Luxury Wardrobe


PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE LONDON    Interview With Tariq Zaidi

IT’S NICE THAT  Tariq Zaidi Sheds Light on Violence and Grief in Salvadoran Society

WORLDWIDE MAGAZINE  Capturing the Human Spirit

AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHER  How To Make Photography a Successful Career

DESIGN INDABA  Tariq Zaidi Captures the Life and Spirit of the Cattle Herding Mundari Tribe of South Sudan

HEAD ON PHOTO FESTIVAL  Interview With Freelance Photographer Tariq Zaidi

HUCK MAGAZINE  A Brutal Portrait of Gang Culture

FEATURE SHOOT  Another Piece of the Jigsaw that is North Korea

SRF SWISS TV  No Dandy No Fun