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Cambodia: There's No Place Like Home. The White Building. Phnom Penh

Crumbling, ramshackle and situated slap bang in the centre of a rapidly changing Phnom Penh, the White Building (called "Bodeng" locally) seemed oblivious to the glass and steel high-rises sprouting up all around it. But the thriving community of more than 2,500 artists, nuns, sex workers and civil servants who lived in this sprawling slum were all too aware that the place they called home was on borrowed time. In July 2017, after a 54-year long history, the last remaining tenants were evicted and demolition work began on the White Building. These photographs capture the last months of the Building. Photographer Tariq Zaidi documented The White Building, and recognized it as a symbol of an all too familiar story: the fight of the urban poor to cling to their place in the city. The multiple apartment block was built to house artists and low-income workers in the time of Cambodian urbanisation in early ‘60s. It was a place of creativity, inspiration and extremes.

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