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Georgia: The Waiting Game: Life for displaced Abkhazians in Georgia

The Waiting Game - Life for displaced Abkhazians in GeorgiaAll of Georgia’s IDPs (internally displaced people) are either from Abkhazia or Tskhinvali region (South Ossetia) – two areas of Georgia that are still occupied by Russia. During both the 1991-92 war and the 2008 Russo-Georgian conflict, ethnic and political difficulties led to the expulsion of Georgians from these territories, sometimes violently. Many people fled with only what they could carry, leaving for an uncertain future in other parts of Georgia. Although it’s been 27 years since separatist conflicts erupted in the regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, IDPs from these areas are still struggling. Many are still stranded in abandoned hotels, sports centres and military hospitals which are not designed for long-term residential use and often lack electricity, water and toilet facilities all over Georgia. Although not technically refugees (because Abkhazia is not recognised as a country), over 50,000 families are still waiting for permanent housing 27 years after the conflict, and almost half of all IDPs say they have not been able to improve their lives since being displaced. Nevertheless, even in difficulty, solidarity, hope and tradition help to maintain a sense of community.

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